#95 Insects in Australia

When you fly in to Australia, at the airport, you will be asked to declare all the veggies and fruits you have brought with you from your home country. It can be heartbreaking, I know, but it is very likely you will have to trash every raw or dry plant that doesn’t have a proper packaging. Moreover, don’t be shocked when you are asked to show all your shoes. Stinky shoes are permitted. There is an issue when there is any soil, mud or clay on the soles of your shoes.

When the reason behind these rules is not explained, they may sound ridiculous. It is easier to cope with trashing the tea you have brought from your grandmother garden when you know you are doing it for the protection of the Australian biodiversity. Australia’s biodiversity is pretty special. Bringing into this continent any foreign insect, their larve or eggs in your fruits, vegetables or shoes can create a huge damage for the Australian biodiversity and crops.

The world of insects is massive in Australia. And since Babak has got a new macro lens, massive got even bigger. Spiders of all sorts, huge ants, flies, gigantic cockroaches (especially in Queensland), butterflies, dragon flies, moths and thousands and thousands of many other are happily living their Australian life. Stay brave to look into them all!

Credit and special thanks for all these lovely photos: Babak Dadvand


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