#97 Water is good in Australia

Tap water is, in many countries, undrinkable. If you go to Mexico or India, for instance, for health reasons, not only that you shouldn’t have any tap water at all, but you should make sure that your drink doesn’t contain any ice cubes coming from tap. In other countries, like motherland Romania, even if the tap water is drinkable, you may not really enjoy its taste and smell because of the chlorine used for water treatment.

In Australia, in most cases, in urban and rural areas, tap water is good for drinking. It smells good, it looks good, it tastes good. Moreover, you will be able to find tap water outdoor, so you can easily refill your water bottle from fountains. Just make sure you have a bottle with you when you go out for site seeing. These fountains are normally found on pedestrian streets or in the parks. However don’t rely on the existence of tap water in the deserts of Australia, alright?

In a restaurant in Australia, normally you won’t be charged for ordering tap water (as opposed to Denmark, where there is a small fee for this in many restaurants), so ask for as much as you like.

So, let’s enjoy our walks with free Australian tap water!

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