#98 The sun is bad in Australia


When we were living in Denmark, sun rays were the most precious gift of a day. A sunny day would be a blessing and we would spend as much of it out to enjoy the sun. In Australia, the sun doesn’t have the kindness of the European sun. It is a bad sun. You don’t want to feel it on your skin. You cannot see the bad sun when you are looking at pictures with surfers from Australia, can you? But, really, the Australian sun will burn your skin within minutes.

The solar radiation in Australia is stronger than the most famous sunny regions in the world (California or Mediterranean beaches for instance). Such a strong solar radiation is terrible for your health – sun burns are a real issue and some 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. Statistics show that Australia has the highest level of skin cancer in the world.

For a traveler, this means you must cover your skin even if it seems a cool cloudy day of summer. Sunscreen (try something with +30 protection) is like deodorant here – you wear it every day. Make sure you wear a hat whenever you go out. Long sleeves are also recommended, even if it’s sorching hot out there – sweatty is better than burnt.

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